Scholarships and Financial Aid for Online Law Students

Are you hoping to earn your law degree online? There are a number of virtual schools that offer JD and Master of Law programs for students interested in working in this field. However, even though online legal programs are typically slightly less expensive than traditional campus programs, you’ll still spend a pretty penny to go to school. That is, of course, unless you can find financial aid to help you pay for college! If you want to save as much money as possible, scholarships and other forms of financial aid are key – let’s take a look at what you need to know to get this kind of money for school.

Scholarships and Other Types of Financial Aid

Scholarships are available to students who show merit, typically by having a high GPA, being a strong candidate for research programs, and honing skills as a graduate. At the advanced level, it is actually more common to see fellowships, however. Both scholarships and fellowships don’t have to be repaid, but with a scholarship, you’ll typically have to perform responsibilities while in school, such as serving as a teaching assistant. Grants are also available. This money for college is given to students based on need instead of merit, so even if your undergraduate performance wasn’t perfect, you can still find money for school. Of course, student loans are also available, though they have to be repaid when you graduate, unlike grants which are similar to scholarships and fellowships (they don’t have to be repaid). Already working in the legal field? You might also want to ask your employer if their are funds for school available. Some offer tuition assistance to employees.

Where to Find Law Scholarships and Financial Aid

Ready to start your financial aid search? Start with your school. Many have financial aid departments offering numerous awards fr students who need help paying for college. In addition, a number of outside organizations offer scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other fors of aid for legal students. These include the following:

  • The America Bar Association
  • AARP Foundation
  • Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation
  • Minority Corporate Counsel Association
  • The Environmental Law Institute
  • National Science Foundation
  • Law Student Assistance Fund
  • Bar Association of San Francisco
Online Paralegal and Legal Degrees

Most law degrees prepare students to enter positions in law enforcement, criminal justice, and other fields within the legal system. These programs focus on criminal procedure, law, evidentiary issues, comparative legal and justice systems, and specialized criminal statutes, giving students a thorough understanding of the US legal system. The programs listed below are for your convenience.

Concord Law School – Concord Law School provides online law degree programs including: Small Business Practice LLM, JD Program, and Executive JD Program. These are innovative, part-time legal education programs. This unique learning environment promotes faculty and student dialogue, encourages student-to-student communication, and provides valuable feedback through live classrooms and directed study.
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University of Liverpool – University of Liverpool offers online law degrees including: LLM in International Business Law, Financing & Banking Law, and Technical & IP Law. Students from all around the world are about to reflect the cross-border and cross-discipline reality of global markets and organizations. Core modules cover topics including legal methodology and international finance.
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Kaplan University – Kaplan University features online law degrees including: BSBA in Pre-Law and MS/CJ: Law. This program places an emphasis on practical knowledge. The courses are comprehensive and the faculty members are practicing experts in their fields who focus on teaching essential real-world knowledge. These programs offer a high degree of flexibility.
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Walden University – Walden University offers online law degrees including: MPA in Law & Public Policy, PhD in Law (Course-Based) and (Mixed-Model). Coursework includes: Legal Research, Contemporary Cases and Issues in the Courts, Public Policy Analysis, and Capstone Seminar. Students will explore debates surrounding key social issues including immigration, abortion, and intellectual property.
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Thomas Jefferson School of Law – Thomas Jefferson School of Law offers online law degree programs including: LLM in International Taxation and JSM in International Taxation. These programs are student-centered. They are engaging and interactive, and at the same time offer a balanced, comprehensive curriculum that prepares graduates for practice. Students can choose from more than 155 courses.
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Champlain College – Champlain College offers an online MSL in Managerial Law. This program was created to help professionals who are not lawyers think and act confidently in the legal dimensions of their work. It is for managers, human resources workers, program directors, health professionals, and policy makers and advocates.
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Vermont Law School – Vermont Law School features online law degrees including: Master of Environmental Law & Policy and LLM in Environmental Law. The curriculum rigorously addresses the fundamentals of law and at the same time lets students customize their education to build skill sets in practical areas. Coursework is conducted as if the class were a law firm.
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